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3rd April 2016



Meetings are held bimonthly at lunch time on Sunday at the house of one of he members.  Phone numbers will be given in advance on the Socials page.



The Community Project, Sussex


April Bulletin


Finding land in Berkshire that is both affordable and suitable for cohousing continues to be our greatest challenge. So, in addition to submitting bids to purchase plots of land, we are also pursuing less conventional approaches to getting cohousing schemes launched:


We are exploring whether a low-key informal approach could work. Members would buy individual homes within a new, conventional housing development, and then choose to live a cohousing lifestyle, inviting their neighbours to join in if they wish. So this would be a style of cohousing that evolves organically and piecemeal, rather than being set up in advance with explicit policies.


A new law, the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act, requires local authorities to keep a register of people and groups who are interested in acquiring land for self-build, cohousing, etc. Together with the forthcoming Right to Build legislation, which will require councils to allocate land to self-builders, the chances of finding land are gradually improving.  We are making links with local councils to become registered and raise the profile of self-builders in the area.


Meanwhile, we continue to search for plots of land that are feasible for housing but unattractive to commercial developers. If you have one to sell, or know someone who does, please tell us!