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Autumn 2010


Feasibility Day

We had our feasibility study with Stephen Hill of Future Planners, who was paid for by the CLT (Community Land Trust) fund.  Stephen has recently sent us his report, which includes recommendations to work with two further professionals, for which we will be able to apply to the CLT fund's Technical Assistance Fund.  These professionals will help us get to the pulse of the development world, and present our project in the most effective manner to the most appropriate people.


Housing Association

We have recently met with Testway, part of the Aster group, whom we have been talking to for 8 months, and who now are well-versed in the cohousing model.  Testway are interested in the possibility of teaming up with us for a cohousing project, and although there are uncertainties about the availability of government funding, they have a willingness to explore options, and now ave their site search person on the case too!


Financial model

At our AGM in September, Anne Thorne, and architect and part of the Loco cohousing group, presented a spread sheet about house sizes and costs, including all the possible variables.  We are looking to adopt a similar tool to help us be clear about our aspirations and what they look like in terms of figures, depending on land cost, type of build etc.  We will soon be putting this together



With Tony Davis' help, and input from Stephen Hill about what is required in order to qualify as a CLT, we are now clear about our company form.  Most of the preparation work has now been done.



We are going to try with earlier meetings - 7:15, and finishing earlier.




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