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A cohousing neighbourhood in Denmark



Anyone who wishes to is welcome to join Cohousing Berkshire Association.  Just fill in the application form and send it in with the membership fee (£35).


Members of Cohousing Berkshire are eligible to join KATCH (or a subsequent project group),

Who We Are


Cohousing Berkshire is a group of people who are aiming to set up one or more cohousing developments in Berkshire.  Cohousing means neighbourhoods where people live independently but also foster a spirit of community through a shared house or facilities, some communal activities and meals (optional), and by managing their own development.  While maintaining modern independence, it is an answer to the sense of isolation that many people feel with the break up of close family or village identity.  It is to feel that you belong again.  For a fuller introduction, click here.


We are working closely with The UK Cohousing Network, and drawing from their expertise accumulated through experience of other cohousing projects in the UK.  We meet monthly in Reading - see Meeting Schedule.


Cohousing Berkshire and

KATCH (Kennet And Thames Cohousing)

KATCH arose in 2010 as the project focused body out of Cohousing Berkshire, which still continues as an information centre. Cohousing Berkshire is an Unincorporated Organisation, while KATCH is soon to become a Community Interest Comapny.


For more information on KATCH, please visit:


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